london town

London, the final trip of my travels!  

Landing in England gave me butterflies.  Their land is so lush.  The trees and the gardens were overwhelmingly beautiful.  We stayed at the Hoxton Hotel in Shoreditch which definitely has a Brooklyn vibe going on.  I highly recommend staying there.  They did a great job with the overall design of the hotel.  The service was great, their drinks are strong, and the rooms are perfection.  

The highlight of the 3 days in London was hands down Sunday's High Tea at Sketch.  Yes, the place with the egg pod bathroom.  You walk into this place and you feel like you're in a fairy tale.  The first room you pass is the The Glade which looks like an enchanted forest.  It literally made me gasp.  High Tea was served in The Gallery which was the pink room.  The room made you feel like you were in a dream.  It was an Interior Designer's heaven.  An entire room with a theme that was carried out through every little detail.  Everything was rose gold and pink. They had the perfect coupe glasses and rose gold miniature table lamps at the table.  The food was delicious, the cocktails were really tasty, and the tea of course was great.  I loved the dinnerware and tea sets.  At the bottom of your tea cup it said "forget about it." Loved it. There was a little surprise around every corner.  And yes.. the bathrooms were so cool. It felt like you walked into Milk Bar in Clockwork Orange.  I took a video... it's fine.  Each pod/stall had sounds of birds chirping.  I think I was in there for about 15 minutes just taking pictures and videos. 

We of course squeezed in all of the major sites in between my work schedule.  Seeing these structures and the architecture gave me goosebumps.  When I see buildings that I have only seen in photographs it's as if I'm seeing a celebrity.  My stomach drops and I get a little girl on Christmas morning excited.  And the ravens!  The ravens were so huge.  Seeing them in person made me feel confused. Like they were only supposed to exist in Edgar Allan Poe stories. They are gorgeously creepy animals.  I was in awe of them.

The final stop of the trip, which was my favorite site of the entire week, was the Abbey Road crossing.  My parents were SO excited when I shared my photos with them.  The crosswalk is a pretty busy intersection so you had to walk quickly. 

I absolutely loved London.  It also made me realize how much I speak in an awful fake British accent on the regs.  I had to stop myself each time or else I would get horrified looks from people...... something.. to work on.