a happy mind: day 1

The theme of this past month, as I headed into the new year, was a happy mind.  A happy mind for me means finding time for myself to clear my head of all the stresses of my everyday.  It helps me and allows me to be more productive, more creative, and most importantly a pleasant person.  Yoga gets me there every time.

Since I can't afford to take classes at a yoga studio right now I have been doing yoga in my own little studio apartment!  Tonight I came across Yoga With Adriene and her 30 Days of Yoga.  I figured I would try it out and I wanted to share what I'm currently practicing with you! She is adorable and I love her teaching style, but what really caught my eye was the quality of her videos and the background decor.  It's nothing crazy or fabulous, it's just relatable, simple, clean, and aesthetically pleasing (which is hard to find in "homemade" yoga videos).  As a creative person I appreciate that. 

If you would like to join me on my 30 Days of Yoga journey please do! I do have to warn you though, my 30 days may be scattered (I take days off here and there).  

My new years resolution is to feel good all over and so why not start at the top!  A happy mind is a healthy mind.