father, daughter + norman rockwell

I think today is an appropriate day to share a recent trip I took to Stockbridge with my dad.   My dad had gone up there for his birthday last year and sent me about 50 photos on his phone, pretty much every painting and illustration he came across.  All he has wanted to do for the past year is take me up there to experience it with him.  

When we got up there it was warm and pretty overcast, which of course I love.  We went through the museum and watched a video of Norman Rockwell's life.  Getting to see his pieces like The Gossips and Freedom of Speech in person was really special.  Seeing all of the prints of the Saturday Evening Post lined up was inspiring.  One person did all of that work.  It gave me a little bit of anxiety thinking about all of those hundreds of deadlines, haha.  The amount of detail that you can see in his work is absolutely amazing.  It's inspiring and intimidating all at once. 

We also got to see his actual studio that was picked up and moved from the center of town to a quiet little patch of land behind the museum.  Everything was still intact.  It was beautiful. We learned about his process and how you can spot it in some of his work.  For instance in The Marriage Counselor you can see that he used models in his studio as reference because it is the exact same couch from his studio, just in a different color, and the books in the marriage counselor's office are all art books which actually exist on the bookshelf next to his couch in his studio.  Something I'm sure not a lot of people have noticed while looking at that illustration.  His studio was spotless, which if you're an artist you know that isn't realistic, but in this case that is how he kept his space.  No paint on the floor, everything in it's place at all times. 

After we left the museum we found a cute little restaurant in a neighboring town for dinner.  It was a perfect day with dad. 

Happy Father's Day to all of the amazing, hardworking, caring dads out there! 


inspiration trip: brimfield

The first Brimfield of 2015 was perfect.  The air smelled of lilacs and the sun was shining.  I was there for 3 days and met so many talented vendors and designers.  

For those of you who are not familiar, the Brimfield Antique Show is this massive flea market filled with acres of antique vendors and collectors, as well as furniture designers, from all over. It happens 3 times a year in western Massachusetts and you get a little taste of small town countryside.  It is so nice!

3 days is definitely the way to do it.  Day 1 was about taking it all in and seeing what was out there.  I didn't pressure myself to buy anything.... and so I bought a couch.  Day 2 my dad joined me and it was adorable.  He loved seeing all of the antiques and loved spending time with me and experiencing a little piece of my world.  Day 3 I knew exactly what I wanted, did my final purchasing, and explored the vendors on the other side of the street that I had missed the other 2 days.  3 days and I think I made it through 75% of vendors.  And that guessing on the high side. 

I walked away with some brass ship sconces, a pair of 1930's industrial floor lamps, a stunning royal blue and cream wool rug, hemp pillows, over sized hand-carved wooden kitchen accessories, and a danish modern leather couch.  That was all for a project I'm working on.  For me, I scored a handmade barn wood frame and this really cool vegetable scientific print.   My favorite vendors by far were Nomadic Trading Company and eneby antik

I was very selective in my picture taking this time around.  I'm getting better at editing my eye, if that makes any sense.   For more photos check out my Instagram on @thecrabandthemoon!